A message for all parents

Tata Tea Jaago Re’s new film demonstrates how simple gestures can go a long way towards relieving the immense pressure students undergo when it comes to performing well during exams. In line with their ‘Alarm Bajne se Pehle Jaago Re’ campaign launched earlier this year, this film identifies the growing issue of student depression and suicide, and urges parents to ‘preact’ and do their bit to prevent these avoidable tragedies.
Through this film, Jaago Re highlights the growing issue of depression and suicidal tendencies among students as a result of the tremendous pressure to deliver when it comes to education. As parents, it is imperative to be conscious of the stress children experience and help ease their burden before it is too late. Taking forward the conversation on ‘Preactivism’, this film perfectly captures how every timely action works towards preventing a future tragedy.